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BioEnergetic Signature Session

The OG of Energy Healing with Tinctures

  • 222 US dollars
  • Brickell Miami


Bioenergetic testing is the Aileen Marie Alchemy™ Signature Session that utilizes the RebaPad (FDA-approved device) to: 1. Measure your auric energy field (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) 2. Test the Autonomic Nervous System (sympathetic, parasympathetic, nervousness and anxiousness) 3. Detect deep-rooted emotional block(s) within your energy centers 4. Check for any organ imbalance(s) in the body 5. Select the appropriate bespoke homeopathic remedies for complete dissolution of the energetic block plus any nervous system dysregulation(s) 6. Obtain your Bespoke Rx with homeopathic remedies that will be required to dissolve the emotional blockage (If session via video call, your homeopathic remedies will be mailed out to you within 2-business days.) 7. Check if any organ imbalances will require additional supplement(s) 8. Send a detailed Bioenergetics report plus a Bespoke Rx via email upon completion Included ($222): 60 min. Bioenergetic test 30 min. session 6-8 weeks after initial session (If energy block completely resolved at this time, may test for a new energy block) Bioenergetic Sessions may be either in-person or remotely via video link provided at booking. Additional Fees**: Homeopathic remedies* ($44/bottle) Supplements for organ rebalancing (price varies/drop shipped) *Homeopathic remedies have been clinically proven to resolve negative health effects of psychological trauma, anxiety and stress. **Additional payment will be required for homeopathic remedies and supplements (if any) at the end of the session. NOTE TO CLIENTS: 1. Hydration throughout treatment is highly recommended. 2. You may experience vivid dreams while taking the homeopathic remedies. Who may receive a Bioenergetic test? The Bioenergetic test is great for adults, children and animals. Testing children 'requires' that at least one parent gets tested along with the child. Pets/animals require the owner to be present to serve as a proxy for the animal being tested. Inquire about available family and bundle packages. Visit FAQ's: What is Bioenergetic Therapy (

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  • Brickell, Miami, FL, USA


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