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NeuroFit™ 1:1 Session

Learn ridiculously simple exercises to regulate your nervous system in just 3 minutes and more!

  • 111 US dollars
  • Crandon Boulevard


NeuroFit™ The ultimate GAME CHANGER for your life. Did you know mindset is only 20% of the game while 80% is your connection to your physical body and nervous system? With 80% of our afferent nerves (from body to brain) and only 20% of nerves from mind to body, it only makes sense to regulate our nervous system by communicating through our bodies. Most of us have never been taught how to heal our own stresses/anxieties/traumas from our bodies. The NeuroFit™ App is an avante garde tool used daily for only 5 minutes to regulate the nervous system and more! The moment I began my NeuroFit™ daily check-in's and balance exercises, I became able to hold more of life by letting go of so much more through these simple yet highly effective exercises. With NeuroFit™, healing really gets to be simple and FEELING good becomes the daily goal! La joie de vivre! A dysregulated nervous system can wreak havoc in our daily lives. Try these ridiculously simple and effective nervous system exercises and learn how to regulate your nervous system in just 3 minutes. Plus learn how to somatically release old emotions and trauma using these exercises. NeuroFitness is life's gamechanger and the ease of it makes it really fun! In addition, you will witness all the magic that unfolds in your life once you learn how to regulate your nervous system. Try this initial NeuroFit™ 1:1 session and take it from there. I guarantee you will FEEL better instantly. Please note: One session will NOT have the same outcome as applying these balance tools daily and learning how to apply the exercises for deeper healing. For this reason I have created a bundled 6-session package to facilitate the process for you while also holding you accountable until the daily NeuroFit™ balance exercises are fully embodied and daily check-in habits have been formed (usually after 60-90 days). The single best investment you can make is on your Self. Purchase the NeuroFit™ 6-session package (save $111) by clicking PROGRAMS in the navigation bar and complete your order. (The 6 sessions may be applied at your convenience, weekly or biweekly, over the course of 3 months.) I will provide all the materials necessary for your NeuroFit™ session, therefore, no need to purchase NeuroFit™ App initially. HOWEVER, I strongly encourage, once you get comfortable with the exercises, to purchase the NeuroFit™ App*. *Use Promo Code AILEENMARIE5 to receive 5% off all products purchased on the NeuroFit™ website.

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  • 798 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL, USA


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