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NeuroFit™ 1:1 Session

Proven to help you regulate, balance and optimize your nervous system

  • 111 US dollars
  • Brickell Miami


NEUROFIT™ is the world’s first Nervous System Trainer: helping you regulate, balance and optimize your nervous system with daily check-ins, biometric measurements, on-demand exercises and personalized insights. NEUROFIT™ is a neuroscience-based wellness app that's backed by data and used by embodied health experts. On average, active members report 54% less stress after 1 week. Explore a tailored catalog of nervous system balancing exercises to resolve stress, burnout, anxiety and compulsive thinking in key life areas including: - Love & Partnership - Money & Finance - Career & Business - Mission & Purpose - Environment - Health & Wellness These simple exercises help you balance your nervous system in just 3 minutes or less, to shift from: - “Fight or Flight” Sympathetic Nervous System response; or - Shutdown or Freeze (Dorsal Vagal) survival response To more balanced nervous system states including: - Ventral Vagal (Parasympathetic) Nervous System state that supports “rest and digest”; - Stillness and Peace; and - Play and Creativity. Check-in with your nervous system daily, identify key areas of focus and measure biometric data including: *Heart Rate Variability (HRV) *Resting Heart Rate *Breathing rate *NEUROFIT Balance™ Score NEUROFIT’s technology doesn’t require any wearables to track your progress. Take a reading in just over a minute using only your phone’s camera. Book your initial NeuroFit™ 1:1 session to start working with me. Please note: A single 1:1 session will NOT have the same outcome as having an expert by your side over the course of several sessions assisting and teaching you how to further apply the balance exercises for deep somatic energy healing. For this reason I have created a bundled 6-session package to facilitate the process for you while also holding you accountable until the daily NeuroFit™ balance exercises are fully embodied and daily check-in habits have been formed (usually after 60-90 days). The single best investment you can make is on yourself. Purchase the NeuroFit™ 6-session package & save $! Want to sample the NeuroFit™ App Today? Copy and paste this link into your web browser:

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  • Brickell, Miami, FL, USA


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