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An 8-week Personal Transformation Journey where I will lovingly guide you to:

(1) Re-program your mindset.

(2) Master your E-motions.

(3) Manifest your truest desires.

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is a personal transformational journey designed to reset and rewire your mind-body for non-linear and lifelong transformation as you tap into your own life's blueprint.

You will inner-stand the vital role emotions play in our day-to-day lives and right away begin to implement the proven Quantum Manifestation Method to co-create the life you are destined to live.

THE AWAKENED program will open up a whole new portal for you to upgrade effortlessly to higher levels of consciousness, mindset, energetics and quantum manifestation,

In a matter of weeks, you will be steering your way to your highest potential as you begin to unlock your next level Self and notice how all areas of your life align and flow with ease.
THE AWAKENED is for souls ready to:


  • Take Full Responsibility for their Life.
  • Restore Mind-Body Balance.
  • Access Higher-Self.
  • Live Authentically.
  • Empower the Divine Feminine Energy.
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence.
  • Experience Less DOing, More BEing.
  • Restore Physical, Emotional & Mental Vitality.
  • Boost Self-love & Confidence.
  • Overcome Burnout & Overwhelm.
  • Manage Daily Stressors. 
  • Breakthrough Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs & Stories.
  • Live a Dynamic & Vibrant Life!
  • Discover Hidden Innate Gifts & Talents.
  • Connect To A Deeper Sense Of Purpose.
  • Establish Harmony In Relationships.
  • Experience Love, Peace, Abundance, & Joy.
  • And so much More!

''Everything you see in me, is contained in you'


My mission & purpose is to raise human consciousness and emotional intelligence by helping people resolve energetic blockages utilizing tools that will assist in their personal transformation to higher Self.


Here's a snapshot of what THE AWAKENED includes:
  • 8-Weekly 90-minute private Zoom coaching calls.
  • Weekly embodiment exercises.
  • A guidebook with weekly notes & exercises (pdf).
  • Unlimited access (via text) in between sessions.
  • All recorded Zoom sessions.
  • BONUS #1: Emotional Clearing x2 ($310 value)
  • BONUS #2: 2022 Life Audit (priceless!)

THE AWAKENED Course Overview:


Phase I: Foundation 

Let's get started by setting up the framework and course expectations.

In this phase, you will lay out your personal foundational roadmap. You will begin by learning the fundamental principles and teachings to apply to your everyday life interactions.

Phase II: Integration

Mastering the Quantum Manifestation Method.

This phase is all about experiencing and navigating the inner child by delving deep into the subconscious for emotional healing and breakthrough to create exponential shifts in your life.

Phase III: Implementation

Expand your personal roadmap for exponential results.

In this phase, you will be given the steps required to attract and manifest your dream life from a purpose-centered context.

Phase IV: Application

Mastering your skills and Quantum Leaping.

You are ready and equipped with the manifestation skillset.  Get out there and start living and co-creating the life you truly desire!

Low Introductory Offer!

Pay in full $2,222 or 2-monthly payments of $1,111.


What we will cover over the 8-weeks:


~Setting the Frame: The 7 Fundamental Principles.

~Identify your Highest Purpose and

master authentic Self with the help of Archetypes.

~The Quantum Manifestation Method:  Application of

the non-linear to attract a life your true soul desires.


~Mindset Re-wiring: Learn the most effective way to shift

your reality. 


~Identify & Release: limiting beliefs, thoughts & stories.

~Emotional Clearing: Learn how to consciously embrace

& navigate 'low vibrating' emotions.

~Expansion: Holding more of life!

~Shadow Integration: Befriend the darker Self.

~Anything that arises on your journey!

Week 1: Introduction

An introduction to the Quantum Manifestation Method (QMM).

Learn how to frame your own roadmap and set the standards for your excellence & mastery.

The 7 Universes form the foundation for our relationship with our Self and those we interact with.

This module is specially designed to set you up for success by committing to being ALL IN!

Week 2: Purpose

In this module, we will dive deeper into your life purpose and undergo an upgrade to your identity.


This is a key component to coming into true alignment with your goals and accelerating your results.

In this week, we will cover your vision, the three fields of creation and how to take aligned action through micro-decisions.

Week 3: Identifying & Activating Your Archetype(s)

We will start tuning into creating rapid internal shifts using the QMM

(part 1). In this module, we will explore your own personal archetypes.

This week, we will also unfold limiting beliefs, thoughts and stories that no longer serve you. You will learn how to overcome these limiting stories and beliefs and shift into greater alignment with your true Self.

Week 4: Straight-Line Manifestation

This week is all about learning the powerful Straight-Line Manifestation method, QMM (part 2). Re-set your mindset and learn how to achieve your goals with ease and flow.

In this module, we will cover 'thought forms' and the 'structure of thought' required for quantum leaps. 

Week 5: Decisions & Desires

This week is all about the energy behind decision-making and learning how to demand for what you truly desire in life.

In this module, we will discuss the '3 levels of decisions', understand how they differ and how to best apply them to everyday life.

Week 6: Emotional Mastery & Abundance Mindset

This week is all about bringing yourself into alignment through the power of emotion to collapse space and time.

In this module, you will learn the 'spectrum of emotional intelligence' as a way to consciously overcome and navigate negative emotions utilizing these tools:

  • The Levels of Consciousness

  • Expanding the Emotional Spectrum

Week 7: Identifying & Processing 'Negative' Emotions

In this week, we build from the previous weeks to navigate deeper challenges and create exponential results.


We will delve deeper on a number of techniques and tools that are powerful in releasing trapped negative emotions from the body. 

These emotions include:

  • Anger

  • Sadness

  • Fear

  • Hurt

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Embarrassment

  • Betrayal

  • Disappointment

  • Judgement

Week 8: Shadow Work & Quantum Leaping

In this module, you will understand the purpose of the shadow and how to integrate it to move towards greatness.

We will go over your 8-week personal roadmap and get you manifesting your truest desires!

Here's what you will receive:
  • 8-Weekly 90-minute private Zoom coaching calls.
  • Weekly embodiment exercises.
  • A guidebook with weekly notes, exercises & space for you to write (pdf).
  • Unlimited access for questions/concerns (via text).
  • All recorded Zoom sessions.
  • BONUS #1: Emotional Clearings x2  ($310 Value!)
  • BONUS #2: 2022 Life Audit (priceless!)
Limited -Time Introductory Offer:
Pay in full $2,222 or 2-monthly payments of $1,111.

My goals with THE AWAKENED is for you to:

  • Embody & feel powerful in your Feminine energy.

  • Trust in your innate abilities to co-create.

  • Innerstand, manage & embrace all your emotions.

  • Attain a deep connection to your Higher Self.

  • Shift your mindset to less DOing and more BEing.

  • Experience and live your life from the inside out!

Aluna Academy


Quantum Manifestation Coach Certification

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