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  • Miami


Thank you for your interest in Aileen Marie Alchemy™ I am very excited you made it here and I look forward to connecting with you. On our call I would like to get better acquainted, address your areas of concern and see how we can map out your healing journey together so that you understand the process. Hint: It's not linear. Please understand this work is primarily about releasing old wounds (emotions) from the body in order to make space for innate wisdom to come in and do its magic! Your daily life and the decisions you make along the way are your guiding light. I am here as a facilitator to help you navigate and innerstand the complexities that may arise (this is your sign the work you are doing is working!), while teaching you how to self-regulate your nervous system. You will be required to get uncomfortable and face the unknown as you lovingly release the familiar life you've held close to you out of the illusion for safety. Real safety comes from within and trusting the process for our Truth to be revealed as we lovingly let go of all that no longer serves us. Only then may we experience true joy in all aspects of our life. Please feel free to come ready with questions I am sure you may have, especially if this is the first time you are working with energy healing. See you soon! Peace + Love, Aileen Marie

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