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Meet Dr. Aileen Marie , whose journey has not only led her to resolve her personal life challenges but she is now able to offer her magic to many souls around the globe. With the combination of her empathetic intuition, quantum coaching skills plus energy work, she guides her clients on a self-healing journey to resolve their deep-rooted emotional blocks utilizing bespoke prescriptions including homeopathic remedies.

After working with her, clients have optimized their mindset and emotions, are connected to their true soul essence and begin to experience their highest potential manifesting a life full of joy, peace, and infiniteness.

She has a passion for reading, spirituality, dancing, fashion, cooking, exercising, and connecting with souls from all parts of the world. Her best moments are spent with her daughter and puppy having fun, quality time together. She is now exploring her writing and speaking skills to share her knowledge, truth and mission to increase human consciousness and emotional intelligence.. 

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My Story

Today I am living my soul purpose and grateful each and every day for my place in the world as a mom 2.0, Holistic Pharmacist, Energy Practitioner and Quantum Manifestation Coach.


Throughout my personal journey, I have experienced several spiritual awakenings and each has gifted me a truer version of myself. 


My first awakening occurred in my early 30’s while traveling the world (and working as an unfulfilled retail corporate pharmacist). On one of my many visits to Vienna, Austria I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Helge Richter, who through his PsychoSomatic Practice, I received energy work which expanded my consciousness & intuition while healing a lot of my childhood trauma. After working with him for a couple years, I decided to receive my Energy Practitioner certification and become a PSE Therapist. Thus, my first magical gift, my soul purpose as a lightworker was revealed. 


A few years later, on another awakening, my second gift, my daughter, Aleena, was born. With this loving gift, I realized the power of manifestation I embody. In retrospect, I now understand and believe that our children are born to allow us the opportunity to awaken and heal ourselves even further and in turn allow us to step into our highest Self. 


I have experienced incredible awakenings & personal transformation through my life challenges after having gone through several failed relationships and money challenges. I now see that not only did my emotions play a large role in repeating life patterns, but also my limiting beliefs, thoughts and stories together with accepting without question, values that were not mine but passed on from previous generations. All of this kept me in a vicious cycle of unworthiness, sadness, fear, isolation and lack.

I’ve gone down the road less traveled and cannot express how incredibly exciting, expansive and powerful it is. Sure there are some dark roads along the way but with keeping the faith and trust in Self, one keeps on going until their light shines brightly. I share my story to not only be transparent with you, but for you to understand we all have our unique individual paths to travel and gifts to unravel leading us to our higher Self. 

As the familiar adage goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". This is particularly true for me and I trust it will be the same for you.  I have lovingly invested several years of my time, energy and money working alongside incredible coaches & mentors this past decade on my own personal development . I am here today, as your guide,, ready to serve and facilitate your own magical journey and watch you flourish into your own personal legend!


It is from my joyous heart that I share my work as Aileen Marie Alchemy with you so you may have the opportunity to ‘Own Your Magic” and connect to your highest potential!


Peace + Love,

Dr. Aileen Marie


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*Sessions are either online via Zoom or locally in-office.

My Credentials

  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm D - 2001


  • Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) Practitioner, Certification - 2008


  • Emotion Code Practitioner, Certification - 2020


  • Quantum Manifestation Coach, Certification - 2021

My heart is the eye of my soul. 

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