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Meet Dr. Aileen Marie , whose journey has not only led her to resolve her own personal life challenges but she is now able to offer her magic to many souls around the globe. With the combination of her intuition, quantum coaching skills and energy work she guides her clients on their self-healing journey.  By resolving deep-rooted emotional blocks and rewiring and learning to regulate the nervous system, clients begin to experience inner peace and a deep joy for life!

On her time off, she has a passion for reading, dancing, fashion, cooking, exercising, traveling and connecting with souls from all parts of the world. Her best moments are spent with her daughter and puppy having fun, quality time together. She is now exploring her writing and speaking skills to share her knowledge, truth and mission with the world to help people manage inner conflict and attain emotional intelligence so that they may live a life of peace, love and joy!

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My Story

"I am divinely guided to help souls own their MAGIC by connecting to their Higher Self!"​

My journey as a Holistic Pharmacist and Energy Alchemist has led me to become adamant about healing from the inside out. The vast knowledge I have attained on both ends of the healing spectrum, where East meets Western medicine, has guided me to my life's mission to help people resolve energetic blocks so they can begin to fully experience the joy of life.  

Our bodies are our innate pharmacy and all the answers we seek are within. Western society has led us to seek answers to many of our health concerns externally through the use of prescription & OTC medications without healing at the root cause. Fortunately, whether aware of it or not, we are ALL experiencing a great awakening of our soul. The Age of Aquarius is bringing forth a shift in consciousness where many souls are awakening to alternative methods for healing with great success. This is why I am passionate about healing with Soul, Mind & Body Medicine, because by healing the soul first, the mind and body follow.

Spiritual Awakenings happen when one begins to take responsibility for their life and embarks on a personal transformation journey. In other words, one is ready to "rock the boat" and "let go" of the habitual habits (aka robot mode) keeping one stuck in the same predictable cycles. It's a deep dive into the 'UNKNOWN'. One must enter the darkness to reach the light. Courage, trust and most of all, a deep connection to the heart leads the way. As the old adage says, "the teacher will arrive when the student is ready". 


If you feel stuck in your relationships, health and/or career, these are signs your true soul essence is out of alignment and is ready to claim its highest potential to experience flow, increased vitality, inner peace, creativity and connection to Higher Self.


As an Energetic Practitioner, one of the innovative tools I utilize in my practice, the RebaPad™, combines the healing philosophies from the East along with the modern technology of the West to quantitatively measure auric energy, detect energetic blocks, nervous system & organ imbalances and select specific individualized homeopathic remedies to bring back flow to your energetic body, thus healing the soul, mind & body. The RebaPad™ (FDA-approved) not only measures energetic frequencies but also naturally brings relief via PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency) to:  sleeplessness, anxiousness, feelings of stress, painful aches and low physical & mental energy.

In addition to resolving energetic blocks, I also have a deep passion for bringing balance back to our feminine and masculine energy.  In a society predominantly governed by masculine energy, DOing more and more each day, the consequences have resulted in a society plagued by stress, burnout, obesity, anxiousness, pain in the body and many conditions the medical doctor may not know why.

Dis-ease manifests from an imbalance in our bodies energy system. By bringing more feminine energy, the feeling of BEing, back into our bodies, we learn that by applying certain practices such as meditation, journaling, time out in nature, yoga, breathwork and crystal healing to our everyday life, we can once again begin to heal from within and begin to experience a JOY for life.

My goal in connecting and working alongside you is to assist and facilitate the healing process for you in reaching your highest potential! YOU are your own healer. 

Book a 30 minute Complimentary Clarity Call to discuss your life passions, where you feel stuck & how I may guide and facilitate the process as you transform into your highest Self!

Claim your Highest Potential Today!
*Sessions are either online via Zoom or locally in-office.

My Credentials

  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm D - 2001


  • PsychoSomatic Energetics (PSE) Practitioner, Certification - 2008


  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner - 2020


  • Quantum Manifestation Coach, Certification - 2021

  • Certified NeuroFit™ Trainer - 2023

My heart is the eye of my soul. 

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