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The Magic Behind Intention: 10 Steps to Manifesting your Reality

We all carry the power within to create our own unique reality that

excites us on every level. It is through the power of our intentions that we can land a dream job, meet our

divine partner, travel to places we never thought of going to, and live a life that at one point we thought was impossible. The possibilities are infinite. But it’s not the intention alone that infuses this seemingly magical power. An intention is the seed given life by all of the underlying thoughts, words, and actions in the rich soil below the surface. Manifestation is the tool of creation, as in the tree that grows from the seed. Consider the idea that intention carries masculine energy and manifestation holds the feminine energy in the spectrum of Universal law . The two combined create the experience for the life our soul desires.

We may not see the possibilities because we lack the basic understanding that our intention is the pathway to create what we want to manifest. When we create an intention, it’s like we are flashing light from a dark space on what we wish to attract. Therefore, if our intention comes from a source of love, we will reap the rewards. If the intention comes from fear, we will experience the fear of losing what we have just created.

Although focused attention leads to intention, it is not the same thing, intention in itself is quite the opposite of focusing. Intention is about openness and trust. It comes from a higher consciousness that is free from the thoughts and beliefs of your everyday earthly consciousness. It is a deep inner yearning. Pure intention is not only independent of thinking but most of all independent of fear. It is fearless and comes from an inner center of power that is free from doubts and fear.

You can feel your intention or yourself in a given reality, or verbally or literally assert it. You can also create a symbol that represents your future Self through the use of archetypes because our subconscious communicates to the Universe through symbolism. The power of using symbols has a psychological effect on the subconscious mind in that they crystallize and seed a desired outcome into consciousness.

The Universal law of attraction states that we attract the things, circumstances, and conditions that are aligned with our consistent thoughts and beliefs, both subconsciously and consciously. It is important to remember that when we are conducting spiritual practices, we become very clear with and open up to the

feelings of our intention. In this state, you do not need to think about the object of manifestation. Your only job is to tap into a high vibrational emotion and allow it to be. You trust the process and remain open to let life ‘flow’. This is intention. What’s left is the act of magic – being you, still, conscious and alive. This is where all of creation happens.


1. Get clear on what you want.

2. Get clear on WHY you want it.

3. Release any attachment to the outcome.

4. Live its reality - You are ALL IN.

5. Learn to love the obstacles aka lessons.

6. Feel what’s real.

7. Mind your language.

8. Don’t force it, life gets to be simple.

9. Trust yourself and the Universe.

10. Celebrate AS IF it already happened.

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