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A Path to Unlocking Your Highest Potential











2022 Program of the Year!

I am excited to announce

THE AWAKENED: A Roadmap to Emotional Mastery & Manifestation
A 12 hour 1:1 course designed to facilitate your personal transformation journey as you ignite the alchemist within 
to navigate life with ease as your true authentic Self!

" Everything you see in me, is contained in you"

About Us

About Me

"I am divinely guided to help souls own their MAGIC by connecting to their Higher Self!"

My journey as a Holistic Pharmacist and Energy Alchemist has led me to become adamant about healing from the inside out. The vast knowledge I have attained on both ends of the healing spectrum, where East meets Western medicine, has guided me to my life's mission to increase emotional intelligence by dissolving deep-rooted energetic blocks utilizing modern tools and transform people to their highest potential





Our bodies are our innate pharmacy.  Western society has led us to seek answers to our health issues externally through prescription & OTC medications. One of the innovative tools I utilize in my practice, the RebaPad™, combines the healing philosophies from the East along with the modern technology of the West to quantitatively measure your auric energy field, detect energetic blocks, nervous system & organ imbalances and selects specific individualized homeopathic remedies to bring back flow to your energetic body. The RebaPad™ (FDA approved) not only measures energy frequencies in the body but also naturally treats: sleeplessness, anxiousness, stress, pain and low physical energy via PEMF Therapy (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency).


If you feel stuck in your relationships, wealth, health or career, these are signs your true soul essence is out of alignment at its energetic centers and is ready to claim its highest potential to experience flow, increased vitality, inner peace, creativity and connection to Higher Self .

In addition to resolving energetic blocks, I have a deep passion to bring balance to the feminine and masculine energies in our everyday life..  In a society predominantly governed by masculine energy, DOing more and more each day, the consequences have resulted in a society plagued by stress, burnout, obesity, anxiousness, pain and many conditions the medical doctor may not know why. Dis-ease manifests from an imbalance in our bodies energy system. By bringing more feminine energy, the feeling of BEing, back into our bodies, we learn how to apply certain practices such as meditation, journaling, time out in nature, yoga, breathwork and crystal healing to our every day life to experience JOY and claim our feminine power.

Once embarked on a personal transformation journey, one is fully prepared to approach life with a new set of lenses. Old belief systems and patterns are unlearned as the true authentic Self emerges and learns to co-create according to life's blueprint.

I look forward to connecting and working alongside you to assist you in reaching your

 highest potential!

Book a 33 minute Complimentary Clarity Call to discuss 
your life goals, where you feel stuck & how I can guide you
and help you transform into your highest potential!



Jaime S client testimonial dr aileen marie
Jaime S.

'Aileen Marie, you are a gifted healer. The results I'm experiencing are simply outstanding. My panic attacks are gone & my anxiety has diminished to almost gone. I'm looking forward to clear my chakra system once and for all, no matter how long it takes, I am ready to do the work.'

Jeanette M.

'Aileen Marie is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. I came to my recent energy clearing session feeling heavy and with a lack of energy. After completing my energy clearing with Aileen, I felt lighter in spirit, an increase in energy and had more clarity. I feel blessed to know her as a friend, colleague and am grateful to be able to reap the rewards of the beautiful and life changing results she provides as an energy practitioner.'

Loren T.

'Aileen helped me with some energetic clearings back in 2020. Since then my whole life and business has experienced exponential growth. I highly recommend Aileen if you are looking to optimize your performance, clear out old energy, rewire your mindset and to create amazing results in your life. Aileen is an absolute goddess with a big heart and really knows what she’s doing.'



Let's connect and get you living the life intended for you to vibrate at your highest potential!
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I am based in Miami, FL and work in-person or via video call with clients all over the globe.

Aileen Marie alchemy

Key Biscayne,, FL  33149

Tel: 305-306-6709


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About Us

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