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Embrace your Emotions
The Art of Alchem

A Path to Unlocking Your Highest Potential













Aileen Marie Alchemy™ is based on a holistic approach of healing from the inside out with a focus on key life areas:


  • Career & Business

  • Family & Friends

  • Fun & Play

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Home & Environment

  • Love & Relationships

  • Money & Finances

Mind, body & soul medicine allows the release of energetic blocks in the body and the regulation of our nervous system. The goal is to be able to hold more of life by connecting to our innate wisdom and experience the joy of life aligned with our destiny.

Heal the soul first, the mind and body will follow.

About Me

About Us



I’m Aileen Marie, Pharmacist, Alchemist, NeuroFit™ trainer, PSE Practitioner and Manifestation Coach. 

I have an incredible passion and mission to help people embrace their emotions and heal from the inside out utilizing innovative tools to assist in their personal transformation.

My goal is to help people navigate their emotions and nervous system so that they can self-regulate with ease as they ride the waves of life with confidence and a deep sense of love for life.

Ready to let go of what no longer serves you?

How can I support you right now?

Energy Treatment:

Energy Test with Rebapad™

Balance your mind, body & soul by removing stagnant energy in the body utilizing homeopathic remedies. 

The complete Energy Test with Rubimed Therapy utilizes the RebaPad™ (FDA-approved device) to: 

  1. Measure your auric energy field (physical, emotional, mental & causal).

  2. Test Autonomic Nervous System (sympathetic & parasympathetic, nervousness and anxiousness) & for geopathic stress.

  3. Detect energetic block within the energy centers.

  4. Check for any organ imbalance(s) in the body. 

  5. Selects the appropriate Rubimed™ homeopathic remedies for complete dissolution of the energetic block and any nervous system & geopathic stress dysregulation detected during the Energy Test.

Nervous System Regulation:

NeuroFit™ 1:1 Session

Experience greater joy & inner peace by reprograming your mind-body connection to handle life with ease. 

  1. Learn ridiculously simple & effective nervous system exercises to regulate your nervous system in just 3 minutes.

  2. Plus learn how to somatically release old emotions and trauma using these balance exercises. 

  3. I guarantee you will FEEL better and embody the results immediately.

  4. Please note: One session will NOT have the same outcome as applying these tools everyday into your daily practice.

  5. Check out the 6-session package (save $111) I offer to facilitate the healing process for you while also holding you accountable until the daily NeuroFit balance exercises are fully embodied & daily check-in habits have been formed (usually after 60-90 days).

Work with Me

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Jaime S client testimonial dr aileen marie
Jaime S.

'Aileen Marie, you are a gifted healer. The results I'm experiencing are simply outstanding. My panic attacks are gone & my anxiety has diminished to almost gone. I'm looking forward to clear my chakra system once and for all, no matter how long it takes, I am ready to do the work.'

Jeanette M.

'Aileen Marie is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. I came to my recent energy clearing session feeling heavy and with a lack of energy. After completing my energy clearing with Aileen, I felt lighter in spirit, an increase in energy and had more clarity. I feel blessed to know her as a friend, colleague and am grateful to be able to reap the rewards of the beautiful and life changing results she provides as an energy practitioner.'

Loren T.

'Aileen helped me with some energetic clearings back in 2020. Since then my whole life and business has experienced exponential growth. I highly recommend Aileen if you are looking to optimize your performance, clear out old energy, rewire your mindset and to create amazing results in your life. Aileen is an absolute goddess with a big heart and really knows what she’s doing.'



Let's connect and get you living the life intended for you to vibrate at your highest potential!
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I am based in Miami, FL and work in-person or via video call with clients all over the globe.

Aileen Marie alchemy™

Key Biscayne,, FL  33149

Tel: 305-306-6709


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About Us

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