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About Us

Embrace your Emotions
The Art of Alchem

Heal the soul first, the mind and body will follow.

About Me

About Us



I’m Aileen Marie, Holistic Pharmacist and Energy Alchemist,

and I have a deep passion for healing from the inside out by discovering the opportunity for personal growth in all of life's experiences and interactions with one another. 

Our e-motions aka energy in motion, are our greatest gift as souls having a human 'physical' experience. It is essential we honor our emotions and learn the art of alchemy, for all emotions are LOVE in disguise.

Our bodies are our innate pharmacy with the ability to heal themselves. My mission is to facilitate and guide souls on their self-healing journey by resolving deep-rooted energetic blockages and nervous system dysregulation utilizing bespoke homeopathic remedies. 

Ready to let go of what no longer serves you?

How can I best support you right now?

Signature BioEnergetic Session:

Heal your soul, mind, & body by removing blocked energy and restoring balance within the body. 

The complete BioEnergetic Therapy with bespoke homeopathic remedies utilizes the RebaPad (FDA-approved device) to: 


  1. Measure your auric energy field 

  2. Test the autonomic nervous system (ANS) 

  3. Detect energetic blockages aka 'emotional conflicts' 

  4. Check for any organ imbalance(s) 

  5. Determine your bespoke Rx 

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Jaime S client testimonial dr aileen marie
Jaime S.

'Aileen Marie, you are a gifted healer. The results I'm experiencing are simply outstanding. My panic attacks are gone & my anxiety has diminished to almost gone. I'm looking forward to clear my chakra system once and for all, no matter how long it takes, I am ready to do the work.'

Jeanette M.

'Aileen Marie is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. I came to my recent energy clearing session feeling heavy and with a lack of energy. After completing my energy clearing with Aileen, I felt lighter in spirit, an increase in energy and had more clarity. I feel blessed to know her as a friend, colleague and am grateful to be able to reap the rewards of the beautiful and life changing results she provides as an energy practitioner.'

Loren T.

'Aileen helped me with some energetic clearings back in 2020. Since then my whole life and business has experienced exponential growth. I highly recommend Aileen if you are looking to optimize your performance, clear out old energy, rewire your mindset and to create amazing results in your life. Aileen is an absolute goddess with a big heart and really knows what she’s doing.'



Let's connect and get you living the life intended for you to vibrate at your highest potential!
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I am based in Miami, FL and work in-person or via video call with clients all over the globe.

Aileen Marie alchemy™

Miami, FL  33131

Tel: 305-791-4471


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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Chakras

About Us

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